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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Understanding PMS and How to Not Die

I think that there is a special place in heaven for every man who was tortured to death for unwittingly falling for the following:

But in the defence of us girls...I'm not quite sure how they manage to miss the telltale signs blatantly pointing to the fact that the female in question is in distress. She is simply veiling her overwhelming sadness, now peppered with murderous rage, with false bravado and you need to do something or face the consequences. Everything is obviously not fine. Let me break it down for you.

So stop. And...

Seriously. Also on that note...

Clearly. And, obviously:

And even MORE obviously:

Do you have no honour man? 
And while we are at it

Honestly...I have no idea how anyone could miss that. 
They had it coming.


  1. Whoa! Note to self: block crosswind

  2. hahaha! love this. I now must issue a formal preamble for any PMS-related rant so that the mister can process the vent accordingly and move away slowly with a non-patronizing nod.