Why This Blog is So Necessary to Humanity

Why This Blog is So Necessary to Humanity

It's not.

But now that you're here...

I currently write very serious articles about health and nutrition for www.stackingplates.com
However, my partner is far better at it and my forte seems to lie within the realm of all things foolish...but I cannot taint our very informative, very respectable site with my tendencies towards the ridiculous.

My illustrations are heavily influenced by my favourite blogger of all time, Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half (www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com)

My work is not as good as hers. Her work is like an epic pizza and my work is like the sad, diet version of that pizza you attempt to make on a severe caloric restriction. It is drier, a bit tasteless and will never be as good as the real thing.

That being said...

How to reach us?

Me: addingpins@gmail.com

MrStackingPlates: stackingplates@gmail.com

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